Energy drinks, caffeine shots & nootropics

Here at RTP we are always looking towards the future, and what could be better and, indeed, more futuristic than boosting your brainpower by drinking something or popping a pill?

So, as well as keeping track of developments in the state-of-the-art and research topics such as ‘flow’, I thought it would be worth trialing some of the over the counter ‘helpers’.

Over time, I will be trying various things that claim to alter your brain in a positive manor. This will range between ‘Brain training’ right through to, perhaps, some of the cutting edge research being undertaken in TransCranial Stimulation (a fancy way of saying ‘plugging your head in to a battery pack’!)

I’m going to start with energy drinks, though!

Can any of this stuff really make you smarter?

Can any of this stuff really make you smarter?

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