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School shooting mitigation system

The news of another school shooting by a disturbed but coldly calculating killer leaves us all sad. Apparently the school had a ‘new high security system’ but it obviously wasn’t. Though the risk of a shooting is low, the severity is incredibly high, so, much like a bombing or chemical attack, it is worth considering…

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‘That’s obvious – why didn’t I think of that?’

So New Scientist reports that a team have invented ‘white smell’ to join the ranks of ‘white noise’ and ‘white light’. ‘White’ here simply means ‘every part has the same relative strength. So with light, that’s lot of red, a bit less green, and blue somewhere in between, which your eyes read as ‘white’. With…

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Anti-dazzle systems for car windscreens

Looking at some cheap digital sensors yesterday. I am amazed at how cheap the things that were just a few decades ago ten of thousands of pounds. At BAE I was part of a project that was worth millions, yet now that same functionality is embedded in a little unit costing $50, alongside the built-in…

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