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2005-06-18 – It’s in the post!!!

Well, I’ve often thought about it, but never really taken the plunge. After years of reading about IP, inventing, designing, and even giving advice on, I have finally decided to go for my first patent. On Monday it will arrive with the chaps who are going to check it over, (Trevor Baylis Brands –…

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2005-06-07 – NEC Small Business Show

Just a note about the Small Business show. Very worthwhile, we are thinking of going to the next one (in Manchester) as exhibitors. Had several long chats with very useful people, such as Trevor Baylis Brands, who I have just sent an NDA off to. I recommend the show, if only to see the vast…

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2005-06-01 – A new file system idea for modern life

I’ve been thinking that the major fault with a lot of the systems around at the moment is they were designed for “toy” scale things. Let’s face it, we all have more electronic storage now than the entire world had 30 years ago. DOS had 8.3 names to save space, and years were 2 digit.…

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