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2005-05-12 – Before there are three strikes…

Ok, so I don’t normally publish these things first here, but there you go. Patenting every little idea I have would make me go broke in a fortnight. So, a recoil reduction and aiming stabilisation device for small arms. In the simplest form, attach a spining mass to the gun, such that any attempt to […]

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2005-05-11 – Inventing – Two strikes in a week!

Unusual, this one, but here we go. While reading New Scientist’s website just now, I spotted two interesting articles, both of which are things I have invented before! One of these is the centrifugal “thrower” rifle, which works by rotating a large wheel or drum at speed, and simply throwing the sperical bullet away from […]

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2005-05-01 – On behalf of the “Anyone but Labour” Party

Please, if you feel the urge to vote, don’t vote for labour. You are an intelligent person, otherwise you wouldn’t even be on this site. So don’t vote labour. Vote for anyone else, or don’t bother voting at all. If you want a few reasons why not to vote Labour, consider: After 10 years of […]

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