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2005-02-20 – A way to stop link spammers on blogs (code sample)

The code sample below is quite trivial. It is PHP. Just copy and paste into the page which handles the submission validation (probably something like contact.php) and tweak the variable names as you see fit. // Anti-spam code if ((($number + $othernumber) != $sum)) { echo \”<font color=red>Please learn basic maths!!</font><br>\”; $send = \”no\”; // […]

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2005-02-07 – How clever can a machine get? As compared to a fake blog? Smart enough!

Ok, so this isn’t mind blowing, since people have been doing frequency analysis for years, letter and word, for code breaking, stenography, and general nosey stuff, but with the advert of really fast computers and the internet, we have lots of things happening at once. GenderGenie is a rather neat little script that uses the […]

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