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2004-01-13 – Update to “The Crossbow” – Chapter 20 online

I had a bit of a row with a chap in the states, who was very abrupt, and decided to report me to the publishers for breaching copyright law on the book \”The Crossbow\”. After a few emails back and forth, I sent him this (with the links list first), as my final word on […]

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2004-01-08 – Iraqi arsenal existed only on paper!

Hopefully this will convince a few of the millions of Americans who think that WMD were found in Iraq that they were wrong. The Washington Post It is a long article telling how the US is obsessed with these fictional weapons, and outlining the picture of the Iraqi lack of capability which the US knew, […]

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2004-01-07 – Updating on the move? Trio-tastic!

Happy New Year. I must apologise for the lack of updates. I am writing this on board a train from London, for a nominal cost. I spent the day at a web design firm called OPX. They were very nice. I have to say that, as the director bought me lunch. Having said that, the […]

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