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2003-09-10 – Batteries on test revisited

Well, the battery test of the Lithium batteries has ended with a bang! Not that they exploded, but that they went dead. Quite impressively, they went dead so fast that they corrupted the RAM in the Psion, and made me think that the machine had given up the ghost. Needless to say, this was more…

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2003-09-08 – How loud is loud?

Volume is something that affects us every day. Some mutters something, we don’t hear it. On the opposite end of the scale, if it is too loud, you don’t like it either. My other half just phoned me on her mobile, to my mobile. Then one of the landlines rang, and I nearly dropped my…

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2003-09-03 – Looking professional?

I had a man phone the office just the other day. He wanted to \”invite the finance director\” to some kind of meeting or lecture. Now, considering that the finance director works about 200 miles away, he was pretty wide of the mark! However, as he was telling me how great this all was, what…

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