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2003-07-24 – The way of the Future – Rapid Prototyping to a final solution

I got a phone call this week, from a company called Stratasys. Stratsys make some very interesting machines, including one called the FDM Titan, which is capable of making ABS and polycarbonate plastic things from, well, ABS or polycarbonate. This non-sequiter is the truth, but it is the way in which it uses what is […]

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2003-07-17 – UN gun ban fictions

The stupidity of the UN! It seems that the USA is the most heavily armed nation in the world, small-arms wise, with about 1 gun per person on average. Now the UN conference on ILLICIT small-arms has been hi-jacked by the gun ban rabble (IANSA)! According to the UN, having a lot of small arms […]

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