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2003-05-28 – Bandwidth of a lifetime – Updated

From \”Strange but true\” on the back of Computer Weekly, 27th May: \”Boffins at the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is (sic) planning to create a comprehensive searchable database of indvidual human lives encompassing every communication, encounter, transaction and emotion generated by a lifetime of social interaction. Called Lifelog, the system would use medical…

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2003-05-19 – Japan finds whale meat toxic.. maybe they will stop killing 43,000 a year?

From Serves them right, IMHO! In other news, it appears that the world’s oceans have now been fished down to under 10% of the initial stocks. Japanse long-line fishing records show that these wonderous consumers harvest 90% of the fish in an area within 4 years of opening up a new fishing area. World-wide,…

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2003-05-18 – Cutting the heat on stage

I can’t help thinking that it would be worth someone’s time and money to develop a sort of IR Fresnel lens. Quite simply, it would be a material that was transparent to light, with a high refractive index for near-IR. This would then be cut into the required Fresnel pattern, and hence could be used…

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