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2003-03-23 – So why take my guns, and not his?’
Dunblane reports finally allowed out

Thomas Hamilton shot and killed 17 in the primary school in Dunblane (nothing to do with Gill Marshall-Andrews, by the way.) The resulting uproar saw the files in the public inquiry locked away for 100 years. The government banned all pistols, and massively increased the number of hoops to be jumped through to get an […]

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2003-03-17 – Anti-gun sentiments?

I posted this to the BBC Manchester comments page. To PETER GARDNER, SWINDON. Your lack of a grasp of this situation makes me want to leave this country. You say that I shouldn’t have a gun, because you have children? What the? I have been shooting targets for fun using powerful firearms for over ten […]

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2003-03-01 – The problems with the current Nazi police-state speeding enforcement

Right then. Guess who probably got a speeding ticket today? Guess who failed to hit a single car, pedestrian, bike, dog, cat or chicken crossing the road? Failed to run a red light, or scare a little old lady? I didn’t even manage to tap someones door in the tight supermarket car park. But I […]

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