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2002-07-22 – Anger, and it’s place in our modern lives

This morning, on Radio Four, there was a program called \”Emotional Rollercoaster\” (Mondays 15 July to 12 August 2002, 9.30-9.45am). Banging on about various topics, and the way that anger relates to them, I found it amazing that not one of the “experts” actually knew what they were talking about. Not one of them made…

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2002-07-17 – Football (soccer) woes

So, it looks a lot like the UK Football players are getting worried. There is a lot of speculation that thelevel of salaries is going to have to come down in order for the clubs to avoid bankruptcy. This is no suprise to anyone who has read that players can be paid over three times…

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2002-07-09 – Dieting fun

The breaking of the “Low fat is good” Myth seems to be happening in the United States. There, people who have been eating low-fat diets for many years have been getting fatter. Something stinks. The population of the US has never been eating a lower fat diet than today, yet they are getting fatter. Heart…

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