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2002-05-07 – Pseudo 3D urban camo

A similar effect is why faces painted on a flat surface seem to follow you around the room. The lack of shadowing and depth means that the brain thinks the face is turned to look directly at you, whatever your position. An interesting idea might be to create a see through face mask, such as…

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2002-05-06 – Somewhat scary, Frankenstein never had fish like these!

This is an article from the front page of the Sunday Telegraph, dated 5th May.   A TAIWANESE company has created a genetically modified zebra fish that will glow in the dark, raising fears among environmentalists and the aquarium industry that the fish will start a trend for bio-engineered “Frankenstein pets”. The modified fish are…

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2002-05-04 – Linux servers are fab!

The Linux server is up, has been for about a week now, and, what can I say? The build (Redhat 7.2) is rock solid, despite running a surreal number of different processes and servers on it, and the new boot manager, GRUB, is perfectly well behaved on today’s oversized harddisks. If you have yet to…

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