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2002-04-21 – Another good reason to avoid micro$haft

Wearing my colours on my sleeves? Well, you would too, if you just spend several hours working on a database, then emailed it to another machine, running office 2002. Outlook has decided that it is a “potentially dangerous item” and so has used 1 meg of disk space to “block” it FROM ME! As anyone…

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2002-04-17 – Is the Brain a Digital Computer? Can frogs think?

Totally not my work, but a fascinating read by one of the leaders in the field. It is here.It makes for an interesting discussion. I thought the part talking about the frog’s level of consciousness was fascinating, and it seems that a frog has four visual responses: Is-small-dark-and-moving? (Is-fly?) Is-big-and-moving! Is-big-and-was-moving! Where-is-darker? If threatened, a…

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2002-04-16 – Site re-design

The site has been slightly re-designed. The ideas list is now going to be much smaller, so that it only shows the ideas from the last month, and I am also going to be putting in a user preferences system, as well as tracking how many people veiw my ideas. Next up will be a…

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