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2002-01-20 – The pace of change

I am sure that you have noticed how rapidly the pace of modern life is increasing. On a geological time scale, humans have evolved into the creatures that we are, yet the majority of us would not even survive if we went back in time 1000 years, with the diseases that were rampant or endemic,…

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2002-01-05 – Book Recommendation

Ok, so this isn’t normally what I use this part of the site for, but I simply have to recommend the book \”Cryptonomicon\” by Neil Stephenson. I am 45% of the way through, and it is brilliant. It will even give you a grounding in cryptography, if you don’t already know it. (I found a…

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2002-01-01 – Happy New Year!

Have a great 2002! Ideas for the New Year: Don’t get too stressed. Getting overlooked for promotion will not kill you, but the promotion might! Look after your body. With today’s medicine, we live much longer, so your heart and mind need exercising! Look after your soul. Without it, your life is meaningless, even to…

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