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2001-11-09 – Maths from the September 11th massacre

A Boeing 767-300 has a maximum takeoff mass of 156489 kg. It has a typical cruise speed of 489Kts = 251 m/s Kinetic energy = 0.5*mass*velocity^2 giving 4,929,481,744 J or 4929 MJ from KE at cruise speed, max take-off weight. This converts to 3,635,799,011 ft-lbs \”muzzle\” energy. (It should be noted that a \”crack\” was…

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2001-11-05 – Raining Radios? A better idea!

News that the US military are dropping hundreds of small radios on Afghanistan is quite amusing. Given that most of the radio stations they can get are going to be local ones, and the idea of a radio that is fixed to one frequency means that the radio is useless, and will be dumped straight…

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