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2001-09-29 – Top Tips

Ok, this one is to help with the multiple electronic bits and pieces you have about the house. When you buy something with a mains adapter, take a marker pen and write on the face of the adapter, so it can’t be seen when plugged in. Write what the heck that adapter is actually for! […]

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2001-09-12 – The USA is closed…

After the most incredible act of terrorism, the USA is closed down. A terrible tragedy has occurred, and one which the USA already has the power to stop, or at least limit the chances of success greatly. Currently, school shootings happen because those commiting the crime know full well that they will be the only […]

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2001-09-04 – Useful body modification

Having recently taken up paintball again, I find several thiings would be quite useful. This got me thinking about army stuff, and the bits of kit our boys need to do a good job. It also reminded me of a note I saw regarding the \”super-human eye optics\”, from a soldier asking when he could […]

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