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2001-07-29 – Weird morals of the day

On BBC2 this evening was a programme called \”World at War\”. This was incredibly blunt, as a description of the brutality of the Nazi German extermination campaign. Everyone says that the way in which the campaign was put together was such that it became inevitable.. Brass Eye, a satirical programme on Channel 4 last Thursday,…

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2001-07-18 – Prior disclosure, and the prior art

Years ago, as a student, I used to simply pick up my toast, and the pack of butter, and save on the useage of a knife (and a plate for that matter!). Obviously, this wasn’t perfect, and a kind of butter \”Prit-Stick\” would have been much better. Imagine my surprize when I got a forwarded…

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2001-07-13 – Multiple redundancy

People often ask me, why do you have so many computers? Gadgets? Useless junk? Of course, I don’t think any of it is useless! But multiple redundancy is am important thing to have. For example, when my laptop died, I was very upset, but I had a way to get the data off, via the…

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