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2000-12-21 – Personal privacy areas

As we enter the third millennium, personal data security and privacy become goals that are ever harder to achieve. You may have read about the ‘flash hat’ which renders flash photography of a subject impossible. How, then, to perform the same feat with a video camera? Suppose that you used infrared floods and spots to…

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2000-12-16 – On flooding

Ok, here is one to upset the water board… If the afore-mentioned authorities fail to stop vast amounts of flood water gaining entry to your house every time it rains, don’t despair! Put up your sandbags, then simply flood your own home with tap water, keeping the level just above that of the outside waters.…

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2000-12-03 – Regenerative braking

Why do cars have brakes? As the whole system is massively inefficient, in that all the force and energy goes into the heating of a steel or carbon fibre disk. Would it not be possible to use a regenerative braking system, in place of the front discs? Powerful magnets would induce massive currents in a…

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