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2000-07-21 – Home-made precision machines

For many years, Scientific American have carried a monthly column called \”The Amateur Scientist\”. In it, various editors have, over the years, given step by step instructions on how to build and perform amazing things and feats in the home. Every one is now available on a single CD-Rom, up until the end of the…

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2000-07-14 – Visualising Maths

Firstly, my apologies. I have been sick with some nasty virus! It doesn’t seem to be the ‘flu, but the test results aren’t back yet.. Hence no updates for an age, which is compounded by my laptop melting down. (Not a virus!) Maxdata fortunately give 3 year warranties, and this is the first problem (apart…

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2000-07-07 – Adaptive optics and your sunglasses

Adaptive optics, in a nutshell, are lense systems and mirror systems which adapt to correct for errors in transmission. An example of this is heat haze. The shimmering of what you are looking at is caused by the movement and changes in the properties of the air, and a fast computer, some expensive systems and…

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