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Roadway to hell

This new magnetic-resonant electric vehicle infrastructure should be brought in as soon as possible. Combine it with a “self-driving” lane, & it will be actually brilliant. You drive your electric car on between two junctions of the motorway, & the car drives itself the next 5 miles, recharging as it goes. What I don’t want […]

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I wrote a couple of pretty long posts in reply to an article on Artificial Intelligence and though I would copy them here. —— In the 1500’s an educated man could read everything he found that had words on it, assuming he could read the language. In theory you could have read everything ever written. […]

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ElectroMagnetic Field 2014

I hope that one day, far from now, Jonty, Russ and all the other awesome organisers of the amazing event that was EMFcamp 2014 stumble across this post and freshly realise how freaking awesome they are for creating and organising such a brilliant event. That is all.

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Had a thought yesterday when talking to an old school friend who popped by, & we were discussing the disparity between the last 4 films we had watched at the cinema. Mine, being a dad, were The Lego Movie, Frozen, Frozen and Despicable Me 2. Which made him laugh, despite my assurance that all were […]

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Cheap air conditioning

Since the summer is supposedly here (!) here’s an idea. When too warm in bed, it feels wonderful to flap the bedclothes. Couldn’t a small fan do that? Perhaps.  But a motorised arm could. Why not leave the bedclothes off? That won’t let a single small arm on a motor silently cool you in bed. […]

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Saw this yesterday, this very fine article about how the UK should stop doing what it has always done and do something to help launch ‘spaces across the country. Which I agree with. In fact, it doesn’t even need to get as expensive or complex as what is described, we just need some way to […]

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Prison voting solution

So yet again the Government is making a mountain out of a molehill, saying we will leave the EU Human Right framework over giving voting rights to prisoners. OK, so if we assume that giving people locked up no rights to vote, that they deserve to be un-emancipated while inside, and the UK want to […]

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fizzPOP update

Lots has happened with fizzPop recently. Head to our website to see for yourself.

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Moved to Android

So, I’ve moved from Blackberry to Android. I loved Blackberry & the ease of workflow was fantastic. Android is completely fractured by comparison, with multiple Apps to do the same thing – Internet & Chrome, Notes & Notepad & Quicknote… Also, the actual making of a phonecall is far more difficult in the absence of […]

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Ryobi 18V ONE+ lithium battery disassembly (for repair)

So it turns out that no-one on the internet seems to know how to open the new Ryobi batteries. You know, for repairs and stuff. I have one that, er, sort of got left in the rain, and stopped working. To open it, you’ll need to get a Torx anti-tamper driver, size whatever fits. Undo […]

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