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Mapping confusion and peripheral vision

An interesting little research area might be for someone to run a comparison between how well people can map an area and recall their path when walking normally, with blinkers on, with a VR headset feeding a live video stream, & from a generated VR recreation of the route. I believe that lack of periferal […]

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Project Bootstrap – Working your way back up from the bottom rung

Following on from my last post, my plan is to come up with some ideas, basic business plans and other help for those who would like to start their own businesses, but have nothing. Obviously there are plenty of immoral ways to earn incomes, but I won’t be dealing with those. What I want is […]

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Anti-dazzle systems for car windscreens

Looking at some cheap digital sensors yesterday. I am amazed at how cheap the things that were just a few decades ago ten of thousands of pounds. At BAE I was part of a project that was worth millions, yet now that same functionality is embedded in a little unit costing $50, alongside the built-in […]

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Genetic drift in divided populations – a factor in motorway design?

The M5 has, like many other motorways, been getting an upgrade to the central reservation. Moving from a steel barrier capable of stopping about 6 tonnes of vehicle by deformation up to thick concrete capable of stopping a large coach, er, dead (without permanent deformation) is obviously great for keeping traffic moving, but I fear […]

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Neutrinos & the ‘Faster than light’ results

So, these ‘faster than light’ neutrino results. Amazing that they haven’t gone away yet, and many papers are trying to work out why. Today’s update is that there may have been a simple hardware error in the sync cable Now I don’t think that the neutrinos are actually going faster than light speed, but… Firstly, […]

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2005-06-07 – A possible way to explain the inflation theory without changing Relativity

Here. Comments below.

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2003-09-10 – Batteries on test revisited

Well, the battery test of the Lithium batteries has ended with a bang! Not that they exploded, but that they went dead. Quite impressively, they went dead so fast that they corrupted the RAM in the Psion, and made me think that the machine had given up the ghost. Needless to say, this was more […]

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2003-09-08 – How loud is loud?

Volume is something that affects us every day. Some mutters something, we don’t hear it. On the opposite end of the scale, if it is too loud, you don’t like it either. My other half just phoned me on her mobile, to my mobile. Then one of the landlines rang, and I nearly dropped my […]

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2003-08-15 – Copper intake linked to Alzheimer’s?

According to New Scientist this week, there is a link between copper and Alzheimer’s disease, which is a progressive brain disease which is generally fatal given enough time. Rabbits that were given just 10% of the limit for copper in drinking water in their water bottles were found to have similar symptoms, and autopsy shows […]

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2003-06-23 – Batteries on test

Previously, I have avoided the new “super batteries” using Lithium technology, since they were limited in current for high-drain applications, high cost, and liable to go dead just as quick as normal batteries {\”Who left this on? The batteries are $&%* dead!\”} However, the perfect thing to try them in has got to be my […]

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