2000-01-03 – The Floating Island problem- The overall design

The structure of the system is not overly critical from a survival point of view, however, it will be safer and more desirable to maintain some rules. Stability for heavy communal areas will be interesting, too. Such things as industrial lathes and the like will require massive amounts of extra support. From Wayne Gramlich’s page…

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2000-01-01 – The Floating Island problem

Ok, I might get flamed for not knowing the correct name of this mooted installation, but hopefully not! (Tends towards the name “Aquarius Rising”, which sounds so New Age.) It has been postulated that the way into space is via the sea. This may sound silly, but there are a number of good reasons. Firstly,…

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2000-01-10 – The Space Station problem

Well, where to begin? Colonisation of space is the dream of many, but it isn’t exactly easy. There are hundreds of problems, the main one being how to get up there. The Space plane and other “Shuttle-U-Haul” systems are frankly wanting, as they aren’t ever going to be capable of getting all the way into…

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