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Project Bootstrap – Working your way back up from the bottom rung

Following on from my last post, my plan is to come up with some ideas, basic business plans and other help for those who would like to start their own businesses, but have nothing. Obviously there are plenty of immoral ways to earn incomes, but I won’t be dealing with those. What I want is […]

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Kickstarter is dead, long live… who? & how?

Last year, Kickstarter, concerned about the public thinking they were a shop, made some changes. In short, in September they banned technology projects from running without a working prototype, and they banned the offer of multiple items as a reward.   That these changes have killed the Kickstarter technology arena for (some) new starts […]

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School shooting mitigation system

The news of another school shooting by a disturbed but coldly calculating killer leaves us all sad. Apparently the school had a ‘new high security system’ but it obviously wasn’t. Though the risk of a shooting is low, the severity is incredibly high, so, much like a bombing or chemical attack, it is worth considering […]

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Anti-dazzle systems for car windscreens

Looking at some cheap digital sensors yesterday. I am amazed at how cheap the things that were just a few decades ago ten of thousands of pounds. At BAE I was part of a project that was worth millions, yet now that same functionality is embedded in a little unit costing $50, alongside the built-in […]

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How can you tell the difference between hazard lights and indicators?

No, it’s not a joke. When driving, cars and the like are often indicating or have their hazard lights on, but it is frequently impossible to tell the meaning, as usually only one side can be seen. The older car had a mechanical flasher relay, using a simple but robust metal strip which heats up […]

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Neutrinos & the ‘Faster than light’ results

So, these ‘faster than light’ neutrino results. Amazing that they haven’t gone away yet, and many papers are trying to work out why. Today’s update is that there may have been a simple hardware error in the sync cable Now I don’t think that the neutrinos are actually going faster than light speed, but… Firstly, […]

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2005-06-01 – A new file system idea for modern life

I’ve been thinking that the major fault with a lot of the systems around at the moment is they were designed for “toy” scale things. Let’s face it, we all have more electronic storage now than the entire world had 30 years ago. DOS had 8.3 names to save space, and years were 2 digit. […]

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2004-04-19 – A link to live journal?

Should I put a link in here to my live journal, so that it cunningly pulls the comment and shows it as if it was here? I don’t update either with massive regularity any more, which is a shame, but some linking system would reduce the work for me. I think it would be rather […]

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2003-05-18 – Cutting the heat on stage

I can’t help thinking that it would be worth someone’s time and money to develop a sort of IR Fresnel lens. Quite simply, it would be a material that was transparent to light, with a high refractive index for near-IR. This would then be cut into the required Fresnel pattern, and hence could be used […]

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2002-03-31 – Hollow needles for injections
Home nano-tech on a budget

Magnify a steel hypodermic needle up 300 times, and you can see the roughness of the surface. Do the same with a bee’s stinger, and you will notice that it looks beautifully smooth. As anyone who has ever touched a stinging neetle can tell you, the slightest touch can inject you with thousands of tiny […]

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