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2003-02-23 – Forging at home

No, not how to copy a drivers license! I have just spent the weekend making a small knife forge, for the princely sum of £20, and half a dozen dremel cutting wheels, and half a bag of 1600 castable left over from making the furnace. I got the basic design from the \”Primal fire\” message […]

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2002-09-12 – First fire!

Wow! Got the required bits form Calor on Tuesday morning, before work, and lo and behold, when I got home on Wednesday, the first thing I did was to get it all set up. Out with some Fairy liquid to get the high pressure hose on, and the power driver on the Jubilee clips, and […]

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2002-06-12 – Home furnace for melting and casting metal.

I am currently building a furnace suitable for melting small quantities of metal, so I can cast things out of, for example, Brass. Having looked at the various sites around, including the nutter with the 3100 degree C set-up for melting Chromium, I realise that there is the potential to do a lot more! However, […]

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