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2000-10-30 – A new type of encryption for data security in a paranoid age

Due to the depredations of the governments on our rights, specifically the right to silence and the right to privacy, traditional key-escrow and newer public-private key systems are limited. For instance, the UK government has now outlawed secrets. If asked by a police officer, you MUST hand over your encryption keys. If you refuse, or […]

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2000-10-24 – Bio-mimetics

Hey this is getting difficult… Animals and (more so) birds use feathers as a way to adjust and minimise the turbulence over the flight surfaces and control surfaces of their bodies. This is how sharks can swim faster than boats and the Peregrine Falcon can swoop at over 200 miles per hour (clocked in Russia […]

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2000-10-10 – nano-tech

Well, that was a short ten days! Seems incredible to think I typed the below that long ago.. Well, I watched a bit of TV, a show called “Crusade”, which is a spin-off from Babylon 5, which is in turn a great series. This episode was dealing with the problem of space travellers releasing nano-tech […]

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2000-10-01 – “The Brain” software

STOP PRESS: This will soon be available for the palm pilot! The Brain, from Natrificial inc. is a brilliant piece of software. You can download the demo free for 30 days. I keep it on my desktop always, and find it very useful for plugging ideas into. (If I had a credit card, I would […]

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2000-09-24 – New Idea of the Week – September 2000

How about a power-free desalination pot? Using today’s advanced materials, such as sorbent materials and oolite clays, it should be possible to create a jar with a massive internal surface area, in which salt ions could be trapped. An alternative would be a system that uses reverse osmosis in order to separate the salts from […]

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2000-09-18 – Landmines are still a problem.

Landmines are still a problem. So is worn tyre disposal. Combining the two may bring many benefits. Using several easily found parts, it would be a simple matter to rapidly reduce the number of mines found in an area. By reaching a slightly higher area, a row of tyres perhaps 15 wide, of the same […]

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