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Prison voting solution

So yet again the Government is making a mountain out of a molehill, saying we will leave the EU Human Right framework over giving voting rights to prisoners. OK, so if we assume that giving people locked up no rights to vote, that they deserve to be un-emancipated while inside, and the UK want to […]

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fizzPOP update

Lots has happened with fizzPop recently. Head to our website to see for yourself. www.fizzpop.org.uk

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Moved to Android

So, I’ve moved from Blackberry to Android. I loved Blackberry & the ease of workflow was fantastic. Android is completely fractured by comparison, with multiple Apps to do the same thing – Internet & Chrome, Notes & Notepad & Quicknote… Also, the actual making of a phonecall is far more difficult in the absence of […]

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SPAM (the energy drink from Holland!)

Yes, it’s got an odd name, but blimey! This is the greatest energy drink so far. Tastes good, comes in a nice yellow and black can. And it’s called SPAM. So far it’s only been seen by me in The Netherlands, where it is made. Red Bull and most of the energy drinks have a […]

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Ryobi 18V ONE+ lithium battery disassembly (for repair)

So it turns out that no-one on the internet seems to know how to open the new Ryobi batteries. You know, for repairs and stuff. I have one that, er, sort of got left in the rain, and stopped working. To open it, you’ll need to get a Torx anti-tamper driver, size whatever fits. Undo […]

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The Old Print Works, Birmingham

fizzPOP’s potential new ‘space The space available at OPW is huge, but mostly shared. Location-wise, it is here. Yes, nearly all that building is the OPW! The first shots below show the bit that would be exclusively ours, once drywalled, and then I walked down the corridor taking shots to give an idea of the […]

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The drone wars

Last night I read an interesting article about the US process for ‘targeted killing’ of pretty much anyone. The photo at the end of the article, of a man with massive trauma to his chest and huge blood loss, was shocking. Even worse, as I scrolled down, the top of his head had been blown […]

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Are we underestimating the risk of human extinction?

I was reading this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/03/were-underestimating-the-risk-of-human-extinction/253821/ The Atlantic has some very good articles, and this one is an interview by Ross Andersen with a man called Nick Bostrom who suspects that we as a race are seriously underestimating the risks that the human race will self-extinguish, most likely by accident. Go read it. Anyway, I […]

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Building on the moon?

The last few days it has been revealed that NASA are planning a test of a 3D solar fuser printer. On the moon! Having seen a rather cool video of a chap who went out to the Sahara to trial his idea of making cups, bowls and other items using a steerable array of lenses […]

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I haven’t written about Hackspaces specifically here before, which is more than a little remiss. I’m what I would term “slightly active” due to being really busy in general, and if you want to add anything, drop in a comment. Birmingham has a small group called “FizzPop” which meets in shared space in the Jewellery […]

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