The return of

Yes, it’s all very exciting. is back.

Currently the archives are being dusted off, the old SQL queried, pictures being tracked down, and more. To what end? My aim is to bring RTP back to being a weekly updated blog of my random ideas, with discussion and comment, as well as fun and scary stuff to inspire all you inventive and creative folks out there.

Currently there are about 15 posts, all with the original dates on them (WordPress lets you do that, you know) and some of them will be getting re-visited and revised over the coming months. Looking back over some of them is amazing, as, for example, almost 11 years ago (2001-06-20 : wow!) I posted an entry “How about using a database to manage this site“! (There is also comedy in my reference to the hand-written “Quote of the day”, which I’m sure I will be returning to working status via a plug-in!)

Back then, it was all hand coding and hard work. Today, in under 10 minutes, I installed WordPress.

Not the only thing that has changed. I’ll be doing updates from my Blackberry, which is more powerful than the desktop I used to use in 2000, which was a fairly good machine back then, a dual processor C500 overclocked to 600MHz. Depending which way the wind is blowing, the internet connection is probably faster, too.

I’ll also be looking back at some of the predictions I made. Is Moore’s Law still holding? Is it still as hard to update the graphs as it was back then? How much money would it now cost to record every second of a person’s life from birth to the age of 65?

So, check back often!

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