Roadway to hell

This new magnetic-resonant electric vehicle infrastructure should be brought in as soon as possible.
Combine it with a “self-driving” lane, & it will be actually brilliant.
You drive your electric car on between two junctions of the motorway, & the car drives itself the next 5 miles, recharging as it goes.

What I don’t want to see is other places copying “Luddite Britain” with rules for self-driving cars that basically make them a punishment detail.

Imagine a car where it could tell if you were paying attention to the road, & would stop if you were not. Now imagine it being a self-driving car that ignored your input. Now try to imagine the hatred and anger and boredom of a 3 hour car journey simulator where you had to keep your hands on the wheel and focused on the road despite having *nothing at all to do*!

Welcome to the UK Road of the Future. Welcome to hell.

Because that’s what the British government has just brought in. Yes, UK self driving cars will need the driver at the wheel, hovering to be ready to take control at all times, awake and alert and paying attention.

Also, since they will be logging everything at 10Hz, should you out it in manual you’ll be losing your license within the hour – imagine lane changes, clipping the double white line, speeding, late dipping the headlights and more (even the new wheeze of ‘spending too long in the middle lane’) being related back to central traffic control for penalty notices and enforcement, 10 times per second.

Imagine no more – the future is here!

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