Had a thought yesterday when talking to an old school friend who popped by, & we were discussing the disparity between the last 4 films we had watched at the cinema. Mine, being a dad, were The Lego Movie, Frozen, Frozen and Despicable Me 2. Which made him laugh, despite my assurance that all were fine films.

Now, his next comment was regarding how he didn’t trust The Telegraph film reviewer, & a lightbulb went off.

There are already sites that aggregate scores and the like, but are you entirely average? I thought not.

No, what we need is a way to match the history of the reviewer to your film history, by way of (say) 10 questions regarding your filmic history. Because if they tally well, it seems obvious that the next film they score highly will be one you want to see.

If that happens to be the film critic for some tiny US paper, or a national paper in the UK, it doesn’t matter – the app/website can do that hard work for you.

As an aside, Howard Tayler is one of my close matches – if he says it is good, then it is. If it clears his Threshold of Awesome, it’ll be great.

A website to do that matching would be fantastic.

As ever, if you do this, let me know. And when you sell it for millions, send a little my way. 😉

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