Project Bootstrap – Backstory

On Thursday I had one of those unpleasant jobs where the man whose house we were working at was despairingly poor. Sadly I was there to ensure we could get in and change his electric meter to a pre-pay whether he agreed or not.

The chap was still in bed, despite it being around lunchtime, and he answered the door just as I was coming to the conclusion he was inside with the key on the inside of the lock.

Anyway, besides the point. He let us in, & while the engineer and warrant officer worked, I got chatting.

Long story short, in front of me was a man who had no useful skills. He formerly worked for a large bank, working on the back end systems. Once made redundant his skillset which had earned him a good living was fairly useless – out of date.

With no savings and decades before he could draw his pension, he was forced to take a low paid job that couldn’t  cover his bills and his mortgage on his negative equity house. The government tops up his earnings a little, but he has no gas, now the prepay meter has wracked up £35 in debt he cannot afford to clear.

I hope the electric meter isn’t next.

So. What can we do to help him help himself?

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