Moved to Android

So, I’ve moved from Blackberry to Android.
I loved Blackberry & the ease of workflow was fantastic. Android is completely fractured by comparison, with multiple Apps to do the same thing – Internet & Chrome, Notes & Notepad & Quicknote… Also, the actual making of a phonecall is far more difficult in the absence of hard buttons.

However overall, it is far better. Move apps, move games & more fun, plus far more RAM & speed. I can easily have 10 tab open in Chrome whilst playing Angry Birds, along with half a dozen other Apps. I’ve installed various bits of software that I had on BB and also a few down more, some of which, like the handwriting recognition , which are far ahead of everyone else.

The phone itself is huge & fragile, compared to the Torch, which was a slider which exposed the keyboard, but I’ll just have to not drop it. And I have insurance against breaking it stupidly. I’ll try not to.

The best thing is, I now won’t miss calls because my phone had a breakdown because I clicked a link in Twitter!

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