The Old Print Works, Birmingham

fizzPOP’s potential new ‘space

The space available at OPW is huge, but mostly shared. Location-wise, it is here. Yes, nearly all that building is the OPW!

The first shots below show the bit that would be exclusively ours, once drywalled, and then I walked down the corridor taking shots to give an idea of the scale of the corridor space. Those yellow roof supports are 7 metres apart! (Hit ‘back’ to get back after you click to enlarge the images)

The actual space we get is a slightly odd shape. About 10 metres from the windows to the narrow end wall, and the narrow end is about 3m wide, while the end at the windows is about 10 metres wide.


24/7 access is encouraged, Ian said sleeping in the space would be permissible, and he wants to see it used lots!

For reference, here’s the space we’ve been offered at Aston:

This is a fairly large room, but it already has quite a lot of stuff in it, and rather a lot of students! There would need to be a member of staff from the Uni there the whole time, too, and 24/7 access wouldn’t be possible.

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