I haven’t written about Hackspaces specifically here before, which is more than a little remiss.

I’m what I would term “slightly active” due to being really busy in general, and if you want to add anything, drop in a comment.

Birmingham has a small group called “FizzPop” which meets in shared space in the Jewellery Quarter. It IS NOT at Friction Arts anymore, despite what the website says, it is at Black Country Atelier on Wednesday nights. The Google Group is here.

London has the London Hackspace in Cremer Street. It’s 24 hour for members, non-members are invited to come along on Tuesday evenings, and their Google Group is here.

Nottingham has NottingHack. They have a google group too, here. Never been, but have sat and gotten drunk at EMF with some of them. Very active!

Manchester has HacMan, which I’ve been to once.

More will be added later, leave a comment if you can add useful details!

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