‘That’s obvious – why didn’t I think of that?’

So New Scientist reports that a team have invented ‘white smell’ to join the ranks of ‘white noise’ and ‘white light’.

‘White’ here simply means ‘every part has the same relative strength. So with light, that’s lot of red, a bit less green, and blue somewhere in between, which your eyes read as ‘white’. With noise, it is the same thing, a neutral mix of frequencies that your ears read as a flat sound across the whole spectrum.

With the scents, the team simply mixed up a load of test tubes of different smells so they all seemed to be the same potency, them mixed a load together.

Damned obvious. Easy to do at home. And yet no-one ever thought of this before.

Next time some wit tells you ‘It’s all already been done’ or ‘Everything easy has already been invented’, feel free to mock them, and tell them this story.

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