Storage solutions – none are perfect

Spent the last 2 days clearing stuff out. There is almost room to get into the shed, though the basement remains stubbornly damp and packed full, and we cleared a huge volume of stuff from the ‘attic’ which mostly being cardboard and boxes from purchases burned rather well.

The aim is to be able to actually get on and do some of the projects that are halfway through or, indeed, just a pile of bits. The main aim for me is to get the piles of bits for projects into a pile for each project, rather than scattered across various boxes in 4 locations! It takes a lot longer to find stuff than to do the work normally.

The plan involves the Mythbusters storage system – loads of clear boxes with a big label on the outside to give a clue about the contents.

The ‘knowledge management’ part is simply organisation, but to further enhance things, I will be taking a photo of the inside of each box. What I should then do is write a Flash ‘hidden object’ game. A few thousand people cataloging the boxes for me would be perfect. 🙂

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