@EMFcamp – ElectroMagnetic Field

To say I feel re-inspired after EMF is an understatement.

Oh, the plans I have!

To see nearly 500 people at a camp where the goal was to have lots of people doing cool things with technology and generally having fun with teaching others how to do similarly cool stuff was uplifting.

Shouts out to:
Richard @ Jarkman.co.uk for the magnificent sporkage lessons. Hammering a bit of plate steel into an actually useful eating thing in a field is awesome!

The two blacksmiths who turned out on short notice to teach people like me how to use the forge they have long since built & abandoned. Great lesson, and nice chatting to you.

All the (other) guys at the LockPicking Village, it was often standing room only! Warren, Scott & John did a great job. Oh, and Jos, who tested my new tool and decided he wants one. Which, when it is the world record holder asking, tells you it is probably worth getting into production!

The whole weekend was great. Thanks to all those who gave time & effort to make it happen!

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