Forget speed cameras, I want ‘Headlight cameras’.

I drive a lot. Some days, I drive for 6 or more hours.

To me, speed is rarely an issue – it is uncommon to see people going extremely fast, and even when you do, there is never an accident to go with it. 80mph on a dual carriageway really doesn’t matter in the day, or even at night – as long as their headlights are on!

I know we have two or more of every essential bulb on a car, but idiots repeatedly driving with just one headlight bulb are dangerous.

Distance estimation becomes nigh-on impossible, rate-of-close is a guess, and I’d rather there were cameras used to send warnings to these drivers that if they are spotted again after 3 days, they will get a big fine!

Same goes for brake lights. A 50p bulb is all it takes to prevent carnage.

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