2001-05-29 – Website update

Well, the website update is well underway, and soon this area will be under the control of an Apache/PHP/MySQL combination. I could happily swear that Micro$oft are happy to put out software that tries actively to maintain their monopoly. It took nearly 12 manhours for me to get Apache, PHP and MySQL up and running on two of my WinBoxes! As it is, I will be installing Linux Redhat onto a third machine, for use as a LAN file and webserver. Now, if only I can get shot of Pain-in-the-assWebServer, I will be happy!

So far I have just put a little Javascript in, for the quote randomiser on the index page, but I will be breaking each Idea and Bite into a single bit, and serving them hot, direct from the database table. Then I will be able to deal with updates in a far more efficient manner, as well as having the Java menu (the green one to the right of this) configure itself automatically. Which would be nice.

It will also let me put a search on the links page, along with some kind of decent ordering system.

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