UP! 3D printer

Rather than talk about the successes of the UP! Printer, in this short post I’m going to post a warning and reminder.

This is a neat little machine, but because it is a bought thing, unlike, for example, the MakerBot kits or a RepRap, I suspect I am not alone in not looking after it. The machine really is “fire & forget” most of the time, so when I set 2 prints going last night, I gave fixing it no more thought than normal i.e. none!

The first print failed, as the model I had created had a very thin wall section on a lofted area, and so the printer, unable to print a wall thinner than the 0.4mm I had selected, didn’t print two small areas. Also, I miscalculated the internal angles and ended up with some unwanted scaffolding in the internal void. The quality was great, though, just like normal. And, it is easy to forget the machine was chugging away for 2 hours making the part, while I worked in another room.

I loaded the second model, an even bigger one, and set it going. Once the raft started, I left it to it.

At some point, I suspect about 30 minutes in, something went wrong.

This morning I found the print, and it was a mess. Not delamination in the usual way, and the base was still firmly stuck down (thanks to the veroboard, it prints and tays stuck down as long as it is above freezing, even with only 15 mins of pre-heat)

I had by now tweaked the first model to use far less plastic, as well as to (hopefully) fix the thin section walls and a couple of other things, so I set that running to see what happened.

Mostly, there was huge vibration! The base layer was a mess, and looking closely, I realised the exstruder was loose! I hit stop (version 1.15 has that feature) and investigated. The bolt holding the exstruder was loose, and so, a spaghetti incident.

I’ve re-tightened it, and hopefully the next print will be perfect. I’d better go check!

The walls are not lined up?!

The walls are not lined up?!

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