Red Thunder energy drink

At only 30p a 250ml can, Red Thunder from Aldi is a bit of an energy drink bargain.

It has 30mg of caffeine per 100ml, so about 75mg per can, a bit less than a strong coffee. Taste-wise, it isn’t too great, but it is better than most, tasting like a slightly sweetened Red Bull. No nasty artificial sweeteners to leave a bad aftertaste (that’s just the taurine!) and seems to have a far more immediate effect than the focus energy shot, which is likely due to the sugar kicking in almost immediately.

Some B vits in here, but nothing like the mega doses found in some others, 150% of the B12 being the highest dose. (For comparison, the Focus shot has 50,000% [yes, 500 times!] the RDA of B12!)

Oh, and this stuff is a bargain – 30p a can in Aldi, as it is their own brand.

ALDI's budget wonder drink

ALDI’s budget wonder drink

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