Focus energy shot

Found this one in Holland & Barrett, for about £2 last week. Took it towards the end of a long day, to help with the last half an hour of driving, and to perhaps keep me awake for the evening.

Firstly, we should address the taste. This has no sugar in it, and wow, it tastes bad! If you think of Red Bull as an acquired taste that is best as a mixer, well, you aren’t going to like this. I had to take 2 goes to down this, and I only went for the second drink in the interests of giving this drink a chance.

Firstly, after 15 minutes, there has been no effect. I still feel very tired, with just a bad aftertaste to keep me awake.

After finishing the journey, I’m now sitting typing this up, still feeling exhausted. I’m still mentally alert, ish, but so far the lift has been lower than I’d expect from a can of coke. With no sugar, it was bound to be an uphill struggle.

Recent research has shown that the brain, and especially the bit that deals with higher functions such as willpower, really does need glucose (simple sugar) to refresh it, so using artificial sweetners seems like an odd choice for an ‘energy boosting shot’.

Adding some sugar would probably improve the fowl aftertaste, which is still lingering on!

Caffeine is listed, stating 80mg and a wacky warning that, in part, says ‘CAUTION: Contains high caffeine, equivalent to no more than one cup of coffee.’ Er, ok…

Also contains the usual B vitamins and taurine & other amino acids.

I don’t think this one will be getting a second chance. It just tastes too awful for me!

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