2001-06-20 – How about using a database to manage this site?

Well, I think it is time to use a slightly more advanced system to look after this site. As it stands, I rarely manage to do an update on time, due to the problems of real life. I have just spent a few hours improving the site, and we now have a genuine \”Quote of the Day\”! It selects the next one at midnight, and then keeps it all day. The PHP was fairly simple, but my brain is adled with the ‘flu, so it took hours! (I fell asleep from about 1 till 5, which didn’t help!) The code looks at the number of quotes in the database, then works out which is for today. Eventually, it will loop round, and start to repeat them, but since I keep adding new ones, that will take a while.

So, I am now going to do the same with the ideas page, and the interesting bites page, so that you can search them, and it will let me embargo ideas so there is one per week, as well as ease the sorting by date and construction of the menus. Wish me luck!

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