The richest man you have never heard of?!

This is an interesting read, to put it mildly.

If you remember Red Bull suddenly appearing, and the miriad copies of various energy drinks that appeared after, this guy has found a new niche that is right next to, and possibly even bigger, than that. Very clever. I have noticed a few of this type of thing in the UK, stocked, as the article makes clear, right by the checkout.

It is very clever to take something that has suddenly appeared, tweak it a little, and then build that into a brand. That Manoj Bhargava did it without anyone noticing is really quite remarkable. To be worth billions without anyone noticing, and by shipping actual product, is quite incredible. It is also a nice reminder that it isn’t just the internet that makes billionaires – you can still do it within a few years, and by making things, not just pushing electrons.

Well done to him, I just wish I’d thought of it first!

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