2005-06-18 – It’s in the post!!!

Well, I’ve often thought about it, but never really taken the plunge. After years of reading about IP, inventing, designing, and even giving advice on www.rubbertreeplant.co.uk, I have finally decided to go for my first patent. On Monday it will arrive with the chaps who are going to check it over, (Trevor Baylis Brands – Yes, he of the clockwork radio fame), on pain of death and massive compensation if the beloved Royal Mail screw it up again.

I put the full £10,000 compensation on it, as if it goes missing, it is a huge loss, as the patent can only be issued if it is still confidential, and for something this potentially big, £10K will be small change…

So, once revised and suitably tuned up – I’m hoping it won’t need much – it will wing it’s way again, on to Cardiff.

Then I will enter the pantheon of immortals who are forever searchable if you type in the right 8 digit code… which is a bit like that old Teletext advertising scam… hmmm…

Anyway, it’s to do with locks, but that’s as far as it goes without an NDA in place! Woo! Hyper, hyper, hyper! I must calm down… 🙂

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