2005-05-12 – Before there are three strikes…

Ok, so I don’t normally publish these things first here, but there you go. Patenting every little idea I have would make me go broke in a fortnight.

So, a recoil reduction and aiming stabilisation device for small arms.

In the simplest form, attach a spining mass to the gun, such that any attempt to move it off the plane on which it is aligned will cause the gyrosopic effects to work to stop it. This will enhance accuracy, reduce muzzle flip in rapid fire modes, and damp out vibration. Use another rotating mass to help absorb recoil force, either by a clever rachet system, or, more likely these days, simply pulse the motor system that spins up the rotating masses to kick in the opposite direction.

This simply transfers the recoil energy into the damping gyroscopes, and massively reduces felt recoil.

I have this sneaking feeling that the people who came up with the DREAD weapon system are about to try and patent this same idea, which I came up with at the same time as the other idea, some 7 or 8 years ago! Hence, this disclosure.

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