2005-05-01 – On behalf of the “Anyone but Labour” Party

Please, if you feel the urge to vote, don’t vote for labour.

You are an intelligent person, otherwise you wouldn’t even be on this site. So don’t vote labour. Vote for anyone else, or don’t bother voting at all.

If you want a few reasons why not to vote Labour, consider:
After 10 years of complete control and power, they still haven’t managed to do anything good for Britain. Even the SUN newspaper realises this. Labor do too, just look at the adverts trying to get readers to recall the distant past and conservative governments! THEY don’t even have anything positive to say about the way Tony has destroyed whole ways of life, removed the safeguards and safety catches of the British legislature, forced through ID cards, unconstitutional anti-terror bills (5 so far, with another planned, but to stop what?), the hunting ban, “reform” of the House of Lords (which apparently means trying to stuff it full of his mates!), removing the right to jury trial for minor crimes, then for more serious crimes, and removing the right to ANY trial for the most serious (alleged) crimes, those involving possible association with terrorists, and more.

Yet what have they done that is positive? Nothing. Taxes are up, farmers are suicidal, UK industry is sinking fast, no-one can afford to buy a house, crime is down overall (apparently) yet violent crime is still up another 6% this year, over the massive increases over the last ten years… and the newspapers are reporting that crimes are not being logged, to keep the figures low!
And let’s not go near the REAL unemployment figures… (Here’s a clue. You can only be unemployed for 6 months, then you get moved to a different classification. So there are under a million unemployed, but next month there will only be 5/6th’s of that number, unless a lot more people sign up… Yet the number is nearly static, and only dropping slowly? And the number of people on long term disability has never been nearly as high? Funny, that. Except I’m not laughing.)

Heck, unless you need a crime number for the insurance, do you even bother to report the shouted death-threats, thrown stones, hassles, etc. that seem to be a part of everyday life in some areas? Of course not. There is no point…

And after ten years in power, all you have to point at to get re-elected, is that the Tory party got us all rich, then the world economy slowed…

Don’t sign me up. I’m not interested. Lord Sutch must be spinning in his grave…

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