2005-01-12 – There’s something wrong with the Pyramids

There is certainly something wrong with the theory being put out on the TV the other week about why the Egyptians and other ancient cultures only built pyramids.
In fact, I can think of a few:-

  1. The Egyptians built lots of things, including great big pyramids. They built whole cities, and the Sphinx. But only the really big, solid things are left, so we tend to think they built nothing else!?!
  2. “The Egyptians were trying to get close to God” is *not* a reason for building a perfect 4-sided Pyramid. It doesn’t make any sense. The sphinx isn’t a pyramid shape, but it is tall and impressive. The Incas built pyramids, but they are certainly nothing like the Egyptian ones.
  3. “The stones at the bottom would have crumbled due to the weight of the stone on top” – funny how this doesn’t happen with most cliffs for quite a long time, and if you want further proof that you really don’t need a steel girder anywhere, go take a look at your nearest medieval place of worship! There are minarets and spires that are built from nothing but stone, and some of those go a good few hundred feet up, with big vaulted arches. If the stone was going to crumble, it should surely fail at those corners, since the corners don’t even have the bricks that should be in the arch there to help out! Of course, after a few hundred years, if no-one looks after them, some of them are going to fall.

A further point is that the volume of stone required to build a pyramid shape is horrifically huge. The first layer, getting a height of \”1\”, uses one brick. So far so good. The next layer, 2 high, uses 4, and the third uses 9! A pattern is forming! You need the square of the number of layers to get one brick higher, when building as a perfect pyramid.

We can see, therefore, that once you reach some 314 bricks high, to get that one brick higher needs 314^2 (314 squared) or 98,596 bricks! Of course, this only applies from the bottom… Walk to the top, and you will find you can get the same increase with just one brick!! This must have been obvious to the Egyptians. The Mayans/Incas spotted this, but since they were building for a different reason, they based the design on a nice safe pyramid, but then built the stage at the top, so everyone could see. The Egyptians were very clever, so why didn’t they do this?

So, anyone want to work out what the real reason for the shape was? Perhaps just to thin the slaves out… but it certainly wasn’t purely for height alone.

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