2004-09-11 – Well, my relationship with BAe gets even worse!

Having resigned in a fairly spectacular manner, with a 7 page email detailing just exactly why I was pissed off with BAE SYSTEMS, I have now been visited by the police…

Talk about petty!

If the company cannot take the fact that I wrote a long email detailing a lot of what is wrong with the company, what hope has it got of ever actually improving? The letter was \”rambling\” according to the policeman. What can I say? It is a fairly linear account of what happened during five years and eight months at BAE SYSTEMS. You can read it here. It seems to be going around the world. It has upset the management team greatly, since they are unable to see what happens at the coalface. It has got me more positive responses than anything else I have ever done – I have never been more popular – from the many great people who work at aerospace, in a non-labotomised, non-management capacity. Not one person has thought it threatening, dangerous, or rambling.

I am now officially pissed off, and so will now be looking into contacting the union with a view to sueing for Constructive Dismissal. I could probably get harrassment charges laid against them as well.

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