2004-08-12 – A manual for murder? “Manhunt” press claims are wrong!

Manhunt game, blamed so readily for providing the MO in the recent murder of a 14y.o. by a 17y.o., actually belonged to the 14 year old victim!

Perhaps tellingly, the parents of the dead boy blamed this game – which they presumably had seen their own son playing, which is how they knew of it to place blame when the killing seemed similar to a part of the game!

In fact, it was “just” another killing over drugs and money, but that doesn’t sell papers!

In other news reports, the Columbine killers were said to have practised on “Doom”, used by the US Army to train troops to kill. What a load of crap! Training troops to shoot zombie sargeants and giant floating fireball spitting skulls isn’t going to help in a war situation. Besides, it was a reference to a hidden area in Duke Nukem when they shot the mirror… The integrity of the UK press is just so poor…

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