2000-11-09 – From last week

>Well, I don’t know how long I will be able to keep the one a week idea up
for, but… (8 weeks!)

Seems I am stumped… I have been running around a lot, what with the day
job, and everything, and after sitting here for a good 30 seconds, I haven’t
come up with anything.. Still, since this happens to us all, how about some
useful tips and tricks to get those creative juices flowing. Here is a good
for a few mental exercises, and another that was given to me on a management training course this week. Hey, here’s an idea, why not print half the second site, and sell it to a big company, as if it was your own… Only problem is, I can’t claim that one!

The worst thing is, I had an idea, but I forgot it. ALWAYS take some paper
with you when thinking, or running, or whatever. If you have the money, take a
Psion Series 5 with you, since that will let you type, write, record voice or
draw anything instantly!

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